Happy Endings


Pearl is a young cat that came to us in the beginning of May. She was skittish and hesitant of people. After much love and cuddles she finally warmed up and was adopted to a great home with 2 kids who love her unconditionally.  


Peace, PAWS’s first dove, was given to us by a concerned citizen after snow storm this past winter. After a month of rehabilitation, Peace was re-released back to the location where she was rescued.  


Sampson is a special story for PAWS. Sampson was taken out of a horrific environment that left her with many physical deformities due to her physical abuse. She required weeks of special care, vet visits, and around the clock attention. Luckily, Sampson was adopted by a wonderful family who will take extra care of her and her special needs.  She will always walk with a limp but has an amazing forever home that will continue to help her flourish.